5 Kg Solid Vermicompost


It is suitable for use for all kinds of vegetables, fruits, field greenhouses, garden and ornamental plants.

Product description

Aze Farm Solid Vermicompost 5 Kg

Solid vermicompost is an organic fertilizer formed as a result of the digestion of organic wastes of vegetable and animal origin by compost worms.
Solid vermicompost is the purest known organic fertilizer. It is an ecological product that naturally contains elements, amino acids, vitamins, microorganisms, antibiotics and high amounts of humic components that provide nutrition and strengthening of the plant. It improves the fertility of the soil by regulating its structure.


Red california worms compost the bodily fluids that are on them and in their digestive tracts, which protect them. This fluid passes into the plant and provides resistance against pathogens. In the digestive systems of worms, there are many microorganisms beneficial to plants, nitrogen-producing bacteria, natural growth hormones and enzymes that create antibiotic effects, and mycorrhizal fungi. These nutrients and enzymes transferred to the fertilizer provide fast and healthy growth to the plant.

· Increases product yield and quality.
It strengthens the immune system of the plant and provides resistance against diseases.
It provides rapid growth, development and earliness in the plant.
It increases root development in the plant.
It increases the amount of organic matter and microorganisms in the soil.
It brings the nutrients in the soil to the form that the plant will take.
It increases the activity of microorganisms in the soil.
Increases the water holding capacity of the soil.
It regulates the pH balance of the soil.
Does not contain weed seeds.
It can be mixed with water to obtain fertilizer tea and can be used as foliar fertilizer, it acts as a natural pesticide.
It does not contain pathogens and chemicals that may harm human health.
Extends the shelf life of products.
It is ecological and organic.


Solid vermicompost can be used on all plants,
It is recommended to be applied in an average amount of 60-100 kg/decare, depending on the type of plant, by scattering as a base fertilizer in soil preparation in field crops, both indoor and outdoor production.
· When planting seedlings, 50-80 g of solid vermicompost is applied to the root pit, it does not harm the plant in contact with the root or stem of the plant.
In trees, an average of 1.5-2 kg of solid vermicompost is applied to the sapling pit when planting new saplings. It is recommended to apply by mixing the half with the seedling pit filling soil so that half of it touches the root.
In existing trees, it is recommended to apply (kg) solid vermicompost up to the crown projection diameter of the plants (m) by opening an arc at a depth of 10-15 cm at the level of the crown projection of the tree. For example, if the plant crown projection is 4 meters, 4 kg of vermicompost is applied.
· In potted plants, it is applied by mixing 50-100 g of plant roots and 20-25% of the pot with soil mortar in new plantings. For existing pots, it is recommended to apply by laying 2-3 cm thick on the upper part of the pot.

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