Liquid Fertilizer

How to Use Liquid Fertilizer?

How to Use Liquid Fertilizer?

The use of liquid fertilizer is a process for those who want plants to yield quality crops by using more efficient and useful materials.

Since worm castings are organic, they are the number one choice in the production of hormone-free agricultural products under completely natural climatic conditions.

In addition to solid fertilizers, there are some points to be considered while using liquid vermicompost .

What is Liquid Vermicompost?

The liquid vermicompost content consists of more fluid vermicompost obtained by passing the solid vermicompost through industrial liquefaction techniques.

These fertilizers, which are liquefied using hydrocavitation technology, contain useful components such as fulvic acid, amino acids, humate, microorganisms, calcium and potassium.

What are the Benefits of Liquid Vermicompost?

Liquid vermicompost has many benefits for the plant . First of all, it helps to bring the ideal balance of the elements and pH value in the soil.

Thus, liquid vermicompost, which increases the yield from the soil, is also advantageous because it can be absorbed by plants much more easily thanks to its nano-sized content.

Since it is rich in phosphorus and potassium, it dissolves in the soil and provides easy access to the root of the plant.

How is Liquid Vermicompost Used?

The use of liquid vermicompost varies according to the type and characteristics of the plant to be applied.

In the liquid vermicompost, which is generally applied as 400 ml on a decare of land, 12 hours of rotation should be applied.

Apart from this, the following criteria should be considered according to the area and plant to be applied:

  • Efficiency can be obtained from liquid vermicompost by spraying on the seeds in the germination period.
  • In trees, the spraying method can be applied to the root or leaves of the tree that gives birth.
  • Spraying method should be preferred in order not to spoil the organic structure of potted plants.
  • Liquid vermicompost can always be applied in an ideal amount for greenhouse plants such as tomatoes, peppers, melons and melons.
  • Liquid vermicompost should be applied in 3 stages in cereal products. The first stage is the pre-planting period, Stage 2 tillering period and finally The third stage should be applied during the pregnancy period.

As can be seen, liquid vermicompost application methods may vary depending on the type of plants and other factors.

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